Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to Poetry Perfected, everyone!

Poetry Perfected was created to showcase some of the poetry I have written, although I am a bit apprehensive about sharing it with the world due to its personal nature.

I have another blog, too, Lorraine Reguly's Life, which is a blog about my personal experiences, both bad and good. I maintain this blog regularly. 

I am evolving as a writer and blogger. It is interesting to see what I can accomplish when I alter my mindset and try new things. 

I have always loved poetry, and have written numerous poems. Topics of my poems vary, so there should be something for everyone once they are all published here!

When I was in university, I wrote "The Life and Love of Canadian Poetry: An Interpretative View", a reference book which I am currently trying to get published, and which includes analyses of poems written by the 7 poets featured within. Watch my video (below) to learn more!

Poetry Perfected will be completely dedicated to poetry, posts about poetry, and poetry videos I have made. Poetry. Perfected.