Thursday, 18 April 2013

Contests and Copyright Laws - I Have Some News For You

Hello again, everyone! I have some big news! I am proud to be a Canadian! I am also entering a contest for Canadian Poets!

I am going to enter a poetry contest, at Canada Writes. This contest charges a reading fee of $25, and the first place prize is $6000 cash, plus publications in
Air Canada's enRoute magazine and on the Canada Writes website, an interview on a CBC radio show, and a 2-week residency at The Banff Centre's Leighton Artists' Colony. The travelling expenses are paid for, too. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I think so. Will I win? I doubt it. But maybe, just maybe, I will. Who knows?

I do know that I will not win if I do not enter. This fact prompted me to "give it a go", and "aim for the stars"! 

When I decided to enter a submission, I needed to determine which poems I should submit. Since they only accept previously unpublished poems, I was pretty thankful that I didn't post any of my poetry on this blog, because then my poems would have been published! 

I then decided to do a bit of investigating and learning.  So, lately, I have been doing some research on publishing and copyright laws.

I have found a few good links, and I would like to share them here. 

4. Glossary of Poetic Terms - I threw this one in here since it directly relates to my book, The Life and Love of Canadian Poetry: An Interpretative View. (This book contains a glossary of literary terms, as I mentioned in my video in this post.)

    - A guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers since 1997

Knowledge is good to have, especially BEFOREHAND! 

I am really excited, and a little nervous, and have selected two poems to enter. However, they are not long enough to meet the contest requirements. I now have to choose one or two more to include to make my submission whole. The problem is that I only think one of my poems is worthy of the first-place prize. I would like to share these poems with you, but cannot, since they will then be considered as "published"! So, I am forced to make a few decisions, and I TRULY hope that I make THE RIGHT ONES.

Wish me luck...

Once I have solved this dilemma, I will post some of my poetry in this blog. I think I will begin with some of the poetry that I wrote for others, rather than the poetry I wrote for myself. Maybe I will even make an accompanying video!

(...with better lighting...)

Or, do you even have a preference? Share your thoughts, please!


  1. A contest! What fun! You will "win" this contest either way because it will encourage you to really engage with your writing in a different way, which will draw you deeper into the process. And look at how much you've learned already! Thanks for always sharing the great stuff you find.

    1. Thanks for your support... I have not entered it as of today, because I STILL cannot find a poem that I deem worthy of $6000! I think I might just write a new one, and then include that one!

  2. To tell you the truth, Lorraine, I'm not one much for poetry. I used to write it way long ago, but anymore I like pros.

    1. One day, I might be considered a pro, and then you can say "I knew Lorraine when..."