Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Dark Night - A Super Short Poem

The Dark Night

The flash of lightning (5)
So razor sharp bright (5)
Quickly sets aglow (5)
The cold, wet, dark night. (5)

The candle’s hot flame (5)
Burns orange so bright. (5)
Then, without warning, (5)
Fades in the dark night. (5)

Caught within a world (5)
Of flickering light, (5)
There is no escape (5)
From the cold, dark night. (5)

I was going to enter this poem into the contest along with my other four, but somehow it either slipped my mind, or I did not think that this was worthy of first prize. At any rate, be happy I can share this with you!


Note that I used the same number of syllables in each line. This was intentional, from a technical standpoint. Imagery is present within this poem, too. Colors include black (the night sky), white or silver (the lightning), and orange (the flame from the candle). Noise is also apparent, since lightning is generally accompanied by thunder, which is frequently loud. The image of someone being trapped indoors while a storm rages outdoors is evident from the fact that candles cannot stay lit in the rain. 

All in all, I think I should have sent this poem into the contest, or maybe saved it for another one... But, I wanted to showcase my abilities on this blog, and so here is another sample of my talent for writing.

Comments, anyone?