Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy 44 Years of Marriage, Mom and Dad!

On July 12, 2013, my whole family got together and took my parents out for dinner for their 44th wedding anniversary. In attendance were: my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, my sister and two of her three kids, my son, and yours truly, me. We had Chinese food for dinner; we went to China House, an all-you-can-eat buffet. It was great! We then all went to Mom and Dad's house and had cake and ice-cream for dessert. I made and decorated a carrot cake, with cream-cheese icing. My sister does not like carrot cake, and so the bottom-left piece of cake had been cut out and replaced with icing. (That's why the cake looks funny!) 

I wrote a poem for them, too. Here it is:

Not too many people’s parents stay together for 44 years of marriage
- most guys split when they see a baby carriage!
But Dad loved you, Mom, and wanted a family,
And he chose you, of all women, to marry.

And together you stayed for, now, 44 years
Throughout good times and bad times, throughout happiness and tears.
Together, a total of 3 children you had and raised,
And for what we put you through, you should both be praised!

Some people may wonder what your secret is
- and I’ve included this in here just for fun,
Since your go-to response to this question is always
“Because I don’t have a gun!”

When you say this we know you’re just kidding and joking around,
Because, after all, Mother, we know it was our father, for a husband, you found.
You both must have loved each other
- and obviously, still do-

Because you’ve remained together all this time,
ever since, 44 years ago, you both said “I do”.
So on this day that you celebrate 44 years of being together,
Let me say that all of us wish you the best, and hope you stay together forever!

Happy Anniversary, Mom + Dad!

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