Monday, 8 July 2013

Life Is Like A Kite

Life is like a kite;
It has its ups and downs.
It has its good and its bad times;
It has its smiles and its frowns.
Sometimes, like a kite
That gets caught up in a tree,
Life catches you and sticks you
And it is hard to break free.
But, finally, it does,
Sometimes with a little effort,
...sometimes, suddenly.
Sometimes, like a kite
That glides throughout the sky,
Life also flows quite smoothly,
But quickly passes by.
But sometimes it flows slowly,
Depending on the wind’s strength,
And, like a kite string, extends to any length.
Life is also like a kite
Because it’s enjoyed overall
And even though it has its rough times,
It, like a kite string, can be a real ball!
Life is like a kite...
Sometimes it’s low, sometimes it’s high.
But life is really like a kite
because not everyone gets it on their first try.

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