Saturday, 6 July 2013

Long Time Friend

The once known friend and confidante of mine
has faded away during a period of time.
The emotions we previously expressed so openly and true
are now masked by the person that I once knew.
Our attitudes are different, perpetrated by a future cause,
never to be the same, as it once was.
The opinions we shared are not similar anymore;
our views may not ever be like they were before.
Situations have changed, drastically, fast.
Realization emits that some friendships don’t last.
It’s surprising to me to see just how life’s evolved;
we are not eagerly attempting to get our problems solved.
Enthusiastically dreaming of attaining many goals,
the ambitious pursuance has tainted our souls.
I remember the past vividly, and recall being best friends.
I now ponder the future, and whether we will ever be close again.
We used to share private thoughts and know we were understood right,
yet to voice anything now seems like such a fight.
I know that people do drift apart, sometimes, eventually...
But, this soon, I did not expect it to happen to us, you and me.
Perhaps the memories we each have within of our yesterdays
Shall stir in our hearts, bringing us back to some of our old ways.
As I presently think of all future changes to occur,
I’m hoping against hope to be free, like we once were.
Sensing our once best friend relationship
will never come to a complete, final end,
I shall bid you farewell for now, 
my one-time confidante, and long time friend.

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