Sunday, 21 July 2013

Haiku Poetry - Part 8

I posted  Haiku Poetry - Part 7Haiku Poetry - Part 6Haiku Poetry - Part 5, Haiku Poetry - Part 4Haiku Poetry - Part 3Haiku Poetry - Part 2 and Haiku Poetry - A Few Samples already.

Here are the last of the two dozen Haiku poems I wrote in one sitting:

purple, black and blue
then brown fading to yellow
colours of bruises

white foam at the mouth
crazy behaviour of dogs
rabies apparent

pretty pink petals
resemble a rose so weeet
tasty vagina

I hope you have enjoyed my Haiku poems. When I write more, I will post them. Thank you for reading!

As always, I LOVE getting comments, and will reply to each one that is left for me.

I apologize for the CAPTCHA authentication. I don't like doing these, either! But, I have no control over this...

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