Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dreams or Destruction? - A Poem - to be "re-titled" (suggestions please!)

Dreams or Destruction?

What is failure?
What is success?
What happens to dreams shattered, left in a mess?
Why should I try, and put forth effort to succeed?
Are happiness and security my only needs?
Why should I try and make it in this world by myself?
Will the only joys I’ll ever have be stored on a closet shelf?
If I’m successful, what am I to achieve my wealth in?
If I should fail, does it leave me hope for anything?
I get annoyed with myself for asking these questions,
For I’m destroying myself without the intention.
Why do I do such things as this?
Why can’t I cry silent tears of bliss?
I suppose I know why:
I don’t, unfulfilled, want to die.
The sun is still shining,
but are the clouds still silver with lining?
I don’t want to end life
With a knife,
But a kiss.

I don't like the title of this poem, and want to change it. Can you offer me a better title? Leave your suggestion in the comments, please!!!

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