Friday, 31 May 2013

The Heart and Soul of the Heart and Soul - A Poem

A lonely, empty soul
Trapped within
The depths of oneself
Struggling to break free
From inside
To the outer shell.
Feelings are hidden
To rise to the above.
Fall down
The broken,
Aching heart.
Boiling blood trickles
Endlessly downward,
The pure-as-driven-snow’s

Comments, anyone? Like or dislike? Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings...please just say what you think and/or feel. There is no "right" or "wrong" here...
I love hearing from you! Please comment!


  1. Hi! its Barb here I like reading and writing poetry. I go to other poetry writing sites as well. Have your tried only recently visited and joined. I like your poetry especially the dream's one. Your heart and soul one is very good as well and I especially like it.

    I am the blank face on network blogs. Still trying to find my way around the blogging system
    You will wonder who it is. To be able to post comment I had to use my old blogger that I used while I was traveling. I never did very much with it. But I am very serious about my wordpress and want to learn the system properly

  2. Blogging is tough to learn all at once. I understand. The blank face can be changed by going to Networked Blogs and uploading a picture,I think. You might also have to join Gravatar to do this, I can't recall how I did mine...

    Thanks for visiting, Barb! I'll look into the site you suggested. :)